With the Traveling Geeks in Paris

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Dear reader, this is my first post in English. The reason is I participated recently to the Traveling Geeks tour in Paris and the rule of the game is to publish content that can be shared by its participants and within the IMG_0201

On top of which we had several dinner and parties opportunities.

The Traveling Geeks bloggers

The detailed list is IMG_9582

So here are my fellow bloggers from the TG tour:

  • Renee Blodgett, is the cofounder of the Traveling Geeks and has her own media consulting company. She does PR for a dozen technology companies. She also runs two blogs: IMG_9964

    • Jim “Sky” Schuyler is the CTO of the Traveling Geeks, meaning he cares about all the IT stuff, publishing blogs, pictures and videos on the various relevant places (the TG site, Flickr, YouTube, etc). He is also invested in promoting free speech and e-education.

    Traveling Geeks Day 1 by Olivier Ezratty (6)

    • Robin Wauters, is a writer at TechCrunch Europe and a conference organizers. He’s also the organizer of the monthly Open Coffee in Brussels, so a colleague of my friend Raphaël Labbé, from Ulike.net, who does the same in Paris. Robin is also the managing editor of Traveling Geeks Day 1 by Olivier Ezratty (9)

      • David Spark looks like a multipurpose journalist (blog, TV, radio, press) and media consultant. For him, every company should be a media and broadcast rich content to address its customer base needs. I like the point. Companies tend to believe that they can base their communication on “buzz marketing” and user generated content. They kind of get lazy in producing content. It’s not the right way to proceed. They have to publish more stuff on their web outreach tools. Like me, David publishes reports on his SparkMinute site, such as the latest free report “David Sparks

        • Tom Forenski, from Tom Forenski

          • Frédéric Lardinois, is a German born writer publishing in Frederic Lardinois (2) 

            • Mathew Buckland, from South-Africa, is a real business man. He runs a sort of private incubator, Mathew Buckland

              • Beth Blecherman, from the blog Beth Blecherman

                • The quiet Kim-Mai Cutler writes on IMG_0105

                  • Ewan Spence is a Scottish blogger, writer and entrepreneur. He did a presentation on virtual worls and Second Life at Leweb in 2006. He is also involved in a business partnership to launch a handheld computer running Ubuntu, the PsiXpda. So how a kilt-wearing Scottish guy gets through the security of the Paris City Hall when we went to the .paris party there? Hand control…

                   Ewan Spence (3)


                  • Amanda Coolong, runs the Amanda Coolong (3)

                    • Robert Scoble, a preeminent blogger focused on the Internet ecosystem. Also, a regular speaker at Leweb. We did see him only half a day during this two days tour of the French ecosystem. He went nuts when learning that some startups in the Paris incubator didn’t have a Twitter account, and this drove a Robert Scoble shooting Chris Pirillo

                      The French folks from the TG tour were:

                      • Eliane Fiolet, co-author with Hubert Nguyen of Eliane Fiolet

                        • Phil Jeudy, from Altaide Valley and based in San Francisco is consulting for startups willing to establish themselves in the Silicon Valley and the organizer of study trips in the Valley for French companies and entrepreneurs. I did get there thanks to him. He was coorganizing this edition of the Traveling Geeks tour. Below, enjoying life with his girlfriend Sasha.

                        Philippe Jeudy and Sasha

                        • Rodrigo Sepulveda-Schulz, was a real blogger and is now more of a Twitterer, and photographer like me. We share the same passion and gear around the Canon EOS 5D II and its wide apperture lenses (like the 70-200mm 2.8 below). He is the cofounder of the video startup IMG_9861

                          How were these folks picked for the tour? Have no clear idea beyond that it’s people who know people who know people who got there and who have some blogging influence. Whatever, I thank Renee, Phil and Eliane for this fruitful opportunity to meet with the geeks and even, with the French startups given I didn’t know all of them.

                          My pictures from the TG days and Leweb 2009 are on the galeries in this blog running the custom Photo-Folders plugin.

                          In my next post, I’ll cover the companies we’ve visited. My Leweb conference coverage will come later. Not real time web indeed… :).



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